Learn About Our Louisiana Coastline Restoration Efforts in the SouthClean Water, Land & Coast

About Clean Water, Land & Coast

Take a minute and imagine that you live in a state where the coastline is disappearing by the size of a football field every hour, where fresh water is being seriously threatened, and where land has suffered contamination but has not been cleaned up?

This is not a figment of the imagination; this is the present state of our beloved Louisiana.

We are concerned residents, who are working to return Louisiana’s coast, fresh water, and land to its natural state.

Frankly, our land, fresh water, and coast have suffered as the result of some serious bad practices by various industries; particularly those of big oil and gas companies.

Established in 2013 as a non-profit, Clean Water, Land & Coast seeks to find a new, fair balance between the economic and environmental concerns for Louisiana. In this equilibrium, Louisianians will be able to have both a prosperous and natural state.

Viewing this site, readers will see internal memos and scientific documents that show these companies knew, for up to ninety years, that their common practices would have a substantial and harmful impact on Louisiana’s land, fresh water, and coast. Readers will also learn why these companies chose to actively ignore these forebodings.

Join us and take the time to review this site and learn about the challenges ahead.

A new, fair balance for a natural and flourishing state of Louisiana is most certainly possible.