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Letter: Fracking not worth the loss of quality of life



Clean air and water should not be a partisan issue. But fracking is an issue of private profit at public expense.

If fracking is so safe, an insurance policy should be easily obtainable and affordable for drilling and mineral rights owners to provide to the public. That insurance policy should be sufficient to cover losses due to environmental damage, loss of life, quality of life, property values, business values, tax revenues to municipalities due to reduced property values, losses to municipalities to repair public infrastructure and unforeseeable events. Such a policy should be a minimum of a billion dollars, due to so many uncertainties that the policy would have to cover, such as potential sinkholes and earthquakes due to “fracking and cracking” the Earth’s very foundation, along with polluted aquifers.

Likewise, personal and corporate guarantees of indemnity from drillers and mineral rights owners to those affected should be required.

If fracking is so safe, there should be no reason to resist insurance policies and personal guarantees.

If fracking is so safe, why are there so many examples of pollution, in some cases so bad the spigot water burns and animals won’t drink the water affected by fracking? There are numerous examples of the concrete drilling casings failing and not providing their intended safety. Does BP’s Deepwater Horizon come to mind?

We will hear cries that “we need energy.” Yes we do. But why not first pursue clean, renewable, sustainable energy and only then resort to fossil fuels? Most of the gas will be exported and not even used for USA energy.

What good is energy, or a job from energy, if either kills us or our quality of life?

B. Charles Goodwin

retired business owner