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Louisiana Environmental Law

Environmental Law encompasses all of the effects human activity directly or indirectly cause as a result of altering our environment. These laws are set in place to help protect the environment and the health of associated wildlife and residents. These laws not only seek to eliminate pollution, but also to establish an expectation for preservation of natural resources. Critically, the laws establish also seek to administer responsibility for environmental costs.

Get involved with the restoration and preservation of our Louisiana Coastline by staying informed about Louisiana Environmental Laws. 
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Environmental law is a relatively new concept, beginning with the national Environmental Protection Act in 1970. The movement to push environmental law is a relatively new concept for the United States. The first environmental law, the Rivers and Harbors Act, was passed in 1899. This law made any entity dumping waste, or filling and dredging canals obtain a permit. After 1899, not much headway was made in the environmental legislature realm until the late 20th century. Some believe modern environmental regulation began with the Santa Barbara Oil Spill in 1969 and others believe it began with the national Environmental Protection Act in 1970.

Federal & State Levels

Environmental legislature can be passed on both the state and federal levels. Because of all of the diacritic wildlife, water transport, and valuable natural resources the state of Louisiana has to offer, it is important to maintain active, encompassing Louisiana environmental laws. In a state full of industrialization and fragile ecosystems, Louisiana environmental law may be one of the most effective solutions for regulating policy and creating standards for environmental practices. The federal laws set in place for environment regulation and control are often broad and arguable- having location-specific laws will help ensure Louisiana will have a cleaner future.

Local Louisiana Regulations

Many Louisiana Environmental Laws have already been passed. Below is a list of active legislature regarding environmental protection in Louisiana.

Louisiana Environmental Quality Act (LEQA)
The Louisiana Environmental Quality Act is perhaps one of the most important regulations passed by the state. The LEQA acknowledges the fact that a safe environment for Louisiana residents is a critical concern. This law regulates maintenance, sanitization, waste management, and the enforcement of such policy. This law also clearly states guidelines for controlling inactive or abandoned hazardous waste sites, nuclear energy, and radiation.

Louisiana Coastal Wetlands Conservation and Restoration Act
One of the more recent acts passed by the state, the Louisiana Coastal Wetlands Conservation and Restoration Act aims to encourage responsible use of coastal resources in conjunction with the beautification, maintenance, and enhancement of our renewable resources. This act was created to minimize or eliminate adverse environmental effects and to sustainably develop the wetlands to help protect the coast against natural disasters.

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Other notable Louisiana environmental laws include:

Louisiana Code of Environmental Regulations
• Louisiana Administrative Procedure Act
• Louisiana Natural Resources and Energy Act
• Louisiana Oil Spill Prevention and Response Act
• Louisiana Natural Resource Rules