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Leaking Oil Pits in Louisiana Largely Unregulated

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Leaking Oil Pits in Louisiana Largely Unregulated Louisiana is one of the largest energy-producing states in America. An abundance of leaking oil pits in Louisiana happened as a result. Unkept Promises Lawsuits have been filed by landowners against Louisiana’s energy companies for leaving issues of oil and tar pits unresolved on their property. The owners […]

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What is Oil Fracking? Why Hydraulic Fracturing Matters

What is Oil Fracking? Oil Fracking, or hydraulic fracturing, is the breaking of shale rocks to release trapped natural gas. This is process done by invasive drilling and injecting fluid into the ground at a high enough pressure to break open rocks. The fluid used to break open these tough rocks is a combination of […]

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Louisiana Coastal Restoration

Louisiana Coastal Restoration Louisiana coastlines are deteriorating faster in this century than in the past 700 centuries. Each day, the Louisiana coastline shrinks by over 300 feet. There is currently no system in place that works rapidly enough to offset this loss. The coast is disappearing eighty-two percent faster than it was created. This tragic […]

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Taylor Energy Company Oil Spill

Taylor Energy Company Oil Spill At least four Louisiana legislature members have pushed a settlement proposal by Taylor Energy Company of New Orleans. The subject of the bill is related to an ongoing Gulf of Mexico oil leak from a Hurricane Ivan-induced mudslide. More than eleven years later, the oil continues to spill. Unfortunately, data […]

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The Advocate: Louisiana Lawmakers Intervene on Behalf of Taylor Energy Responsible for Decade-Old Oil Leak

Read more about how Louisiana senators stepped in to help a New Orleans company that has failed to do anything about a oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico for over a decade. Taylor Energy Company has allowed a leak caused by an underwater mudslide during Hurricane Ivan in 2004 to go unresolved to present […]

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Saving Louisiana

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Saving Louisiana David YarnoldPresident, National Audubon Society Huffington Post.  Click here for story Louisiana is disappearing. Every year, land mass equal to the size of Manhattan is lost–simply washed out to sea off the continental shelf in the Gulf of Mexico. Louisiana’s crisis is out of sight and out of mind. When Katrina roared into […]

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Environmental Groups Offer Suggestions on Spending BP Money to Rebuild Coast

top coastal restoration projects louisiana

Environmental groups offer suggestions on spending BP money to rebuild coast Amy Wold The Advocate December 10, 2014 With some money from the Deepwater Horizon disaster already flowing to the states for coastal restoration work, a coalition of environmental groups on Tuesday released its list of 19 priority projects that could be done in the next five […]

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Giving Away Louisiana- Fracking Tax Incentives

Giving Away Louisiana- Fracking Tax Incentives Little-noticed program criticized as rebates could reach $1 billion per year The Advocate By MARK BALLARD | Staff Writer | Six months ago, oil — and money — began to gush out of a well called Blades 33 H-1, drilled by a Houston energy company in a Tangipahoa Parish pasture about seven […]

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New Storm Surge Map Predicts Worst-Case Scenarios for South La.

worst case storm surge louisiana

New storm surge map predicts worst-case scenarios for south La. Amy Wold The Advocate A new storm surge prediction map estimates that a large, very slow moving hurricane could push more than 9 feet of water onto LSU’s campus. n fact, all of southern Louisiana as far north as Pointe Coupee Parish could face such a storm […]

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Yes, BP Did Damage the Gulf

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Yes, BP Did Damage the Gulf By KARA LANKFORD   October 26, 2014 n an opinion article published Tuesday, the oil giant BP would have us believe that the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster wasn’t all that bad for the Gulf of Mexico. Yes, company spokesman Geoff Morrell admits the event was a tragedy, and that, sadly, both […]

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