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Letter: Fracking Not Worth the Loss of Quality of Life

Letter: Fracking not worth the loss of quality of life ADVOCATE STORY   June 07, 2014 Clean air and water should not be a partisan issue. But fracking is an issue of private profit at public expense. If fracking is so safe, an insurance policy should be easily obtainable and affordable for drilling and mineral […]

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Anti-fracking fight in Texas draws St. Tammany interest

Anti-fracking fight in Texas draws St. Tammany interest Tammany eyes Texas town’s anti-fracking movement BY FAIMON A. ROBERTS III June 2, 2014 The Advocate When Cathy McMullen woke up one morning and saw three dead cows around a cistern on her neighbor’s property, she knew she and her husband needed to move. The pair left […]

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Office of Conservation Audit Reveals Major Shortcomings, Underscores Unholy Marriage of Administration and Big Oil

Office of Conservation audit reveals major shortcomings, underscores unholy marriage of administration and big oil Louisiana Voice June 2, 2014 Abandoned gas well equipment on private property near Ruston. If there was still any lingering doubt after the passage of SB 469 that Gov. Bobby Jindal and the Louisiana Legislature are in an unholy alliance to […]

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Battle over lake oil drilling permits takes a break

Battle over lake drilling takes a break PAUSE TO ‘STUDY THE ISSUES’ WILL DELAY PERMITS PAST JAN. 31, 2016 BY MICHELLE MILLHOLLON The Advocate May 15, 2014 The warring factions in the battle over oil and gas activity at Acadiana’s Lake Peigneur called for a timeout Wednesday at the State Capitol. Senate Bill 585 went […]

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St. Tammany Citizens Group Urges Agencies to Halt Permitting Processes for Proposed Oil Well

closed la. 70 sinkhole

St. Tammany citizens group urges agencies to halt permitting processes for proposed oil well By Robert Rhoden, | The Times-Picayune An attorney for a St. Tammany Parish citizens group has urged the Army Corps of Engineers and state Department of Environmental Quality to halt the permitting processes for an oil company that wants to drill near […]

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Advertising Campaign Raises Awareness about Coastal Restoration Work

Advertising campaign raises awareness about coastal restoration work AMY WOLD May 14, 2014   America’s Wetland Foundation launched a new advertising campaign this week to help raise awareness about partnerships working toward coastal restoration in Louisiana. The campaign is the result of a statewide poll released earlier this year showing that people in the state think […]

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Capitol Views: Panel Makes Legacy Lawsuit Bill Retroactive

Capitol Views: Panel makes legacy lawsuit bill retroactive Baton Rouge Business Report May 12, 2014 Major legislation sought by the oil and gas industry, clarifying the process for cleaning up contaminated oilfields and for awarding damages to landowners, is headed to the House floor after a committee today changed it to make it retroactive. By […]

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Legislature Shouldn’t Weaken Levee Board Reforms: Editorial

storm floods louisiana

Legislature Shouldn’t Weaken Levee Board Reforms: Editorial By The Editorial Board, | The Times-Picayune  April 9, 2014 Gov. Bobby Jindal not only wants more control over who is appointed to the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East, now he is essentially trying to make the agency part of his office. Senate Bill 629 by Sen. Robert Adley would put both […]

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Report: ‘Oil is Not Gone; Impacts to Wildlife Ongoing’

dead fish oil pollution

Report: ‘Oil is not gone; impacts to wildlife ongoing’ Report examines BP oil spill effects 4 years later AMY WOLD The Advocate April 09, 2014   Dying dolphins, bluefin tuna embryos with heart defects and hundreds of dead sea turtles washing ashore are proof the BP oil spill is still hurting and killing wildlife four […]

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Residents Settle for $48 million in Sinkhole Lawsuit

$48 million planned for about 90 evacuated properties BY DAVID J. MITCHELL The Advocate April 9, 2014   Texas Brine Co. and the class-action plaintiffs who sued over the sinkhole that forced hundreds from their Bayou Corne homes have agreed to a $48.1 million settlement that includes buying out their properties and settling other […]

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