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Opinion found from reader in Acadiana Business

Dear Editor:

Let me see if I have this right. Large landowners hire trial lawyers to represent them against Big Oil for polluting their land. Louisiana citizens, through a levee board and in some coastal parishes through the police juries, hire trial lawyers to represent them against Big Oil for destroying the coast line. And LOGA blames the trial lawyers?

Apparently LOGA is following the Gun Control crowd. Those who favor gun control blame shootings on the gun and want to take your guns. LOGA blames suits against Big Oil on the trial lawyers and wants to take away your trial lawyers.

Why, you ask, doesn’t LOGA demonize landowners and Louisiana citizens, the ones who are suing Big Oil? I’ll tell you why. It’s the sympathy factor. No one would sympathize with Big Oil if it wanted to give landowners and citizens “the boot.”

So LOGA takes a page from our sick political parties and chooses to vilify and demonize the trial lawyers, because LOGA would lose if it tried to do this with landowners and citizens. Heck, many Big Oilmen in Louisiana are big landowners.

For years Big Oil and Big Insurance have seen trial lawyers as easy prey for vilification. Let’s pass tort reform because of trial lawyers. Let’s change this law because of trial lawyers. And so on. YOU who are reading this-WAKE UP. It is YOUR rights being stripped away by Big Oil and Big Insurance in the name of tort reform and in the name of Big Oil.

I have spent years in the oil industry working for Big Oil. I have spent the last 25 years representing oilfield workers and their families as a trial lawyer. If you don’t think that Big Oil’s and Big Insurance’s tort reform and perpetual demonization of our justice system, judges and trial lawyers make a difference, or if you think that it is amusing-think again! Your family may be the next one having to survive on 20 percent of your salary, while Big Oil keeps pumping and Big Insurance keeps their premiums.

The Big Oil and Big Insurance propaganda has gone far enough. BP is still here pumping. Allstate doubled its revenue during the last quarter of 2013. Ask who pays for the reports and from where data comes from to say Louisiana is a “judicial hellhole” and that our judges are corrupt. It’s the same ones who benefit from you believing that propaganda. If you don’t think it’s propaganda, see LOGA v. La. Attorney General.

Miles A. Matt