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Louisiana Coastal Restoration Group

Stay updated on the fight to save our coast with Clean Water, Land & Coast. We are an environmental group based in Louisiana made up of concerned residents from Terrebonne, Lafourche, Vermilion parish, and across the state that care about our State’s coastline and the surrounding inhabitants and businesses, and we want to return our fresh water, land, and coast to its natural state. To do this we have raise awareness and collect facts to make sure that those that have created the problems are sure to help with the restoration efforts.

Keep up to date on the progress of these Louisiana oil company lawsuits and the efforts by Big Oil to undermine Terrebonne, Lafourche, Vermilion, each other parish’s efforts to make them pay for their share of our state’s coastal disaster! We have the latest coastline restoration news and have compiled documents and communications to bring you the truth so that you can create an informed opinion of the situation and who should be held responsible for our fresh water, land, and coast’s degeneration.

Several Louisiana coastal parishes are moving aggressively to clean up and restore their coastal areas. These parishes have filed major environmental lawsuits against numerous big oil and gas companies.  These lawsuits are critical for the future of Louisiana’s coastal areas.

Plaquemine and Jefferson parishes have filed lawsuits against these companies for their oil fracking and oil spills that have damaged our state’s beautiful and important coast. There are still many parishes that haven’t filed a suit to hold these large oil companies accountable. If you live in Terrebonne, Lafourche, Vermilion, or another coastal parish that has not filed lawsuits demanding clean up restoration, ask your public officials the reason for their inaction.

Stay updated! Stay in the fight!